Container Accommodation ?

The global surge in popularity of Container Buildings can be attributed to their widespread appeal due to durability, versatility, and affordability.

Despite having a predefined structure, containers can be ingeniously stacked in various ways, producing distinctive and modern dwelling forms. Not only are they ideal for crafting contemporary homes and retreats at a lower cost, but they also play a pivotal role in constructing affordable housing options.

Constructed from corten steel and tailored to customer specifications, Container Buildings seamlessly integrate into any project. Their swift and straightforward assembly process allows for flexibility in deployment, making them a viable solution for diverse projects. The structural design enables Container Houses to reach heights of up to 14 floors, showcasing their resilience against formidable sea waves.

Container Houses are synonymous with safety, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and are equipped with top-tier materials, including electrical components, sanitary facilities, windows, doors, insulation material, and more. Our accommodations, of all types, are ISO certified, ensuring adherence to Management Standards Systems (MSS) compliance throughout the production process.

Whether you envision transforming a shipping container into a unique office or prefabricating it into a home, Shalomcontainers Container is eager to collaborate with you. Our commitment is to assist you in achieving superior and distinctive results in every possible way.